EcoCAR Organizers Announce Pre-Competition Standings at the Year Two Welcome Night

The Year Two EcoCAR 2 Competition has officially begun! More than 300 students, organizers, and sponsors have arrived in Yuma, Arizona to take part in the 10-day event.  Throughout the six days in Yuma, EcoCAR student vehicles will participate in engineering tests similar to those conducted by the automotive industry to determine a prototype’s readiness for production, and ultimately prove the viability of their advanced technology vehicles.

But before the wrenching begins, EcoCAR 2 students spent Sunday night enjoying a Welcome Night at Z Fun Factory. Teams were able to play putt-putt, race go karts, and ride in bumper boats before organizers started things off with welcome introductions and an overview of General Motors Desert Proving Grounds.  To blow off a little steam, each team was asked to prepare a skit video, and this year, teams had a chance to submit a three-minute ‘music video’ themed video. After viewing all 15 team videos, as well as an organizer video, the University of Victoria claimed the “Best Skit Video,” earning $350! Their rendition of the Fountains of Wayne “Stacy’s Mom” was dedicated to the AVTC Lead Technical Coordinator Brian Benoy.  The Ohio State University and Virginia Tech came in a close 2nd and 3rd place and won $250 and $150 respectively.

Competition organizers also announced a few pre-competition deliverable winners during the evening, including:

  • Best Communications PlanPenn State University
  • Best Sponsor Collaboration Video & BlogUniversity of Waterloo
  • Best Media Report – Penn State University
  • Best Business Plan – Ohio State University
  • Best Sponsorship Pitch & Table Top Display – Ohio State University
  • Best Business Plan Results Report – Ohio State University
  • Best Modeling & Simulation Presentation (3rd – 1st)Mississippi State University, Purdue University, and Ohio State University
  • Best Pre-Competition Safety InspectionCal State, Los Angeles
  • Best Progress Reports – Ohio State University

In the end, EcoCAR Director, Kristen De La Rosa announced the current top six standings for pre-competition deliverables. Teams have had a chance to earn 198 out of 1,000 points going into competition. Here are the current standings:

  • 6th Place – 139.42 Points – Pennsylvania State University
  • 5th Place – 142.16 Points – University of Waterloo
  • 4th Place – 147.65 Points – University of Victoria
  • 3rd Place – 147.95 Points – Virginia Tech
  • 2nd Place – 152.97 Points – Mississippi State University
  • 1st Place – 165.18 Points – The Ohio State University

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