EcoCAR Sponsor Perspectives: Andy and John from Freescale

Andy Mastronardi, Worldwide Director, Freescale University Programs

I am excited to say that Freescale (formerly Motorola) has been a sponsor in the advanced vehicle technology engineering competitions for more than 15 years.  I personally have been involved as an Outreach Judge for the past seven years in Challenge X and now EcoCAR The NeXt Challenge. What an experience for me!  As much as I have seen these students grow and improve from year-to-year, I too have learned so much from them.  The passion, knowledge, team unity, and overall drive from these students have left me with a sense that we can certainly compete on a global basis and these students are our future.  I want to wish each and every student and faculty advisor much luck in the future.

John Cotner, Applications Engineer

I have had a long-term interest in electrified vehicles and have worked on electric propulsion projects since the mid-90’s, so I jumped at the chance to get involved in EcoCAR and previous vehicle competitions.  I’ve found that my favorite part of being involved is working with talented and enthusiastic university students on solving real-world problems.  My favorite memories have come from seeing students eyes light up when I show them new electronics technologies that they can put in their vehicles and discussing many creative ideas that the students generate for ways to use and develop these technologies.