EcoCAR Sponsor Siemens Launches New Education Resources

Siemens, one of EcoCAR 2’s silver sponsors, is deeply invested in education. Programs like EcoCAR not only have the potential to make the world a better place, they’re an excellent training ground for the next generation of Siemens employees. In that spirit, Siemens has launched two new resources for academia.

For educators, Siemens has created an online community around its PLM Software. The site provides a forum for those who teach PLM to share best practices and curriculums.

A second resource for both educators and students is Siemens’ Learning Advantage e-learning portal. The company now offers a special academic rate to access this site: For less than the cost of a textbook ($95), students and educators can access more than 1,000 self-paced courses and assessments around Siemens’ NX and Teamcenter products. Learn more at Siemens’ new Training Resources page.

We’re proud to see our sponsors go above and beyond to enhance education for EcoCAR 2 competitors and other students around the world. Check out both of these great new resources today!