EcoCAR’s Finish Line in Washington, DC

Patrick Walsh Introduces Secretary Chu

The morning before Virginia Tech was announced as EcoCAR’s Year Three Winner last Thursday, EcoCAR hosted a finish line event at Department of Energy Headquarters in Washington, DC. The highlight of the event was US Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, who spoke about the importance of the EcoCAR competition and interacted with team members and the media.

Introducing Secretary Chu at the event was Patrick Walsh, co-team leader of the winning Virginia Tech Team. We are pleased to announce that with EcoCAR coming to a close, Patrick will be one of two EcoCAR students moving on to Argonne National Labs, where he has accepted a position as an Advanced Vehicle Testing & Controls Engineer. Brian Benoy, Controls Team Leader from Mississippi State University, will also be joining Argonne.

Members of the media were out in full force to meet the Secretary and see the incredible vehicles the EcoCAR teams have built over the last three years. Attendees included:

The Georgia Tech EcoCAR Team with Secretary of the Smithsonian Gerald Wayne Clough (front) and General Motors' Micky Bly (back right)

Jim Motavalli, Freelance
Jerry James Stone, Treehugger
David Leeds, Greentech Media
Tom Doggett, Reuters
Jason Plautz, Greenwire/E&E News
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