EcoEagles at GM’s “From the Raceway to the Driveway” Promotion

In early March, the Embry-Riddle EcoEagles team visited Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex to help with GM’s “From the Raceway to the Driveway” promotion. The promotion was a combined effort from GM, Corvette Racing, and the American Le Mans Series to showcase the importance of green technology at home and on the raceway.  The event was held in Orlando, Florida in front of the Atlanta Braves Spring Training stadium.

Embry-Riddle's EcoCAR vehicle in front of ESPN’s Wide World of Sports

On site, the new “Corvette Interactive Transporter” was on display acting as a mobile marketing display.  A ZR1 racing Corvette, a stock Corvette, and a stock Camaro were housed inside the transporter and brought at the event. Inside the transporter, a mobile museum of Corvette racing was available for fans to walk through and enjoy.

The promotion location was selected because the Atlanta Braves had a spring training game against the Toronto Blue Jays that day, and many fans and media were sure to be in attendance.  To greet the fans, and answer questions from the media, Corvette Racing driver, Johnny O’Connell, Corvette Racing program manager, Doug Fehan, and other Sebring and American Le Mans Series executives were in attendance.  It was a great experience for the EcoEagle engineers to meet Corvette and Le Mans engineers and ask them questions.  Johnny O’Connell even signed the team’s vehicle headrest and wished them luck in the competition.  The Embry-Riddle EcoCAR was displayed alongside the other vehicles at the event and the team answered questions from fans and the media about the EcoEagles, and the EcoCAR competition.

Johnny O’Connell signed the team’s headrest

Joining forces with the American Le Mans Series, the “Global Leader in Green Racing,” GM, and Corvette Racing, gave the Embry-Riddle team an opportunity to talk to attendees about the future of green cars, the importance of the continued development of green technology, and what GM, American Le Mans, Corvette Racing, and the EcoCAR competition are doing to help.

EcoEagles’ team leader, Vince Sabatini, presented at the event following Johnny O’Connell and Doug Fehan