EcoEagles Participate in “College of Engineering Girl Scout Day”

In an event sponsored by Embry-Riddle’s Office of Diversity, more than 80 Girl Scouts, teachers, parents, and scout leaders came to the Embry-Riddle campus for a day of fun and learning. Six different troops from across Northeast Florida (St. Augustine, Sanford, Jacksonville) were in attendance. In the morning, the girls participated in hands-on activities that inspired the future engineers. They built balsa wood airplane models, water rockets, and even had a competition to see which troop could build the strongest model bridge. After the activities and lunch, the girls were brought into the EcoEagles’ garage to see what the team was working on in the EcoCAR competition. 

The girls took a tour around the garage and their eyes lit up as they took in all of the tools, computers, and the EcoCAR. The Embry-Riddle team explained the purpose of the EcoCAR program and the importance of reducing emissions for the future. The girls were then asked to fill out a survey about their knowledge of green vehicle technologies and the companies currently developing them. 

The Girl Scouts event was a great success because the team was able to spread the word about EcoCAR and its importance. The team also got the girls excited about engineering, so maybe one day they will participate in an Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition too!

Girl Scouts and EcoEagles’ team leader, Vince Sabatini, in the Embry-Riddle garage