EcoMakers attend the South Shore Clean Cities Annual Meeting

The Purdue EcoMakers attended the 2012 South Shore Clean Cities Annual meeting in Merrilville, IN, where community leaders gathered to discuss the importance of increasing the use of renewable energy, reducing the use of foreign oil and reducing pollution.

Two outstanding speakers, U.S. Representative Pete Visclosky and Mark Stoermann of Fair Oaks, discussed goals and strategies to make businesses and communities more sustainable.

“I thought the initiatives Fair Oaks Dairy Farms is putting into place, such as using methane gas produced by cow manure to power the dairies and using the gas in their delivery trucks was really innovative and interesting,” said Dylan Schmitter, outreach coordinator for the EcoMakers.

Carl Lisek, the executive director of South Shore Clean Cities, spoke about the successes of the community, such as displacing 340,000 gallons of fuel. He also outlined future goals for the community. Purdue enjoyed talking with members of the South Shore community and looks forward to partnering with South Shore Clean Cities in the future. On the way home from the event, the students and professors stopped at Fair Oaks Dairy Farms to enjoy a cheese tasting. Sustainable cheese definitely tastes better.