Electric Vehicles: Back AND Here to Stay!

Who says the electric car is still dead? Because according to Chris Paine, the electric car is back with a vengeance! The Ohio State University (OSU) recently held an event featuring the Revenge of the Electric Car documentary directed by Chris Paine at the Drexel Theatre in Bexley, Ohio where Chris Paine’s first electric car documentary, Who Killed the Electric Car, was screened. Only 30 people came out to see Who Killed the Electric Car, so it was a great accomplishment when the Friday night show was sold out and had over 200 attendees , including Ohio State President E. Gordon Gee!

After the movie, a panel discussion about electric vehicles was held. Speakers included Dr. Giorgio Rizzoni, director of the Ohio State University Center for Automotive Research, Sam Spofforth, executive director of Clean Fuels Ohio, Ram Sastry, director of distribution research & technology for American Electric Power, Brandon Perkins, regional manager of Ohio Department of Transportation, and John Pohill, CEO of Venturi Motors North America. Event attendees had the chance to ask questions and get answers about the future of electric vehicles in Ohio.

In addition to the documentary and panel discussion, OSU EcoCAR 2 teamed up with the OSU Center for Automotive Research and Clean Fuels Ohio to host an Electric Vehicle Block Party and Showcase. The event brought out nearly ten vehicles and exhibitors including two Chevrolet Volts, two Tesla Roadsters, an Electric Smart Car, a Wheego LiFe, a Nissan LEAF, an Amp electric vehicle- and even the original GM EV1!

The Ohio State University Team thanks the Drexel Theatre for a fantastic weekend in celebration of electric vehicles. The team also thanks the OSU Center for Automotive Research and Clean Fuels Ohio for co-hosting a very successful event! To see more pictures from the event, visit the Ohio State University’s EcoCAR 2 Facebook page.