Embry-Riddle Begins Deconstruction!

Written By: Clare Maloney

The Embry-Riddle EcoCAR 3 team has been chomping at the bit getting ready to tear apart their 2016 Chevrolet Camaro! Ever since the digital documents were received in the first year of the EcoCAR 3 competition, the team has been extremely patient waiting for the moment the would received the green light to begin implementing their ideas and designs into their vehicle platform. Within moments of receiving notice from the EcoCAR organizers of the approval to begin deconstruction, two Master’s students, Dylan Lewton and Adam Szechy, along with a batch of the newest EcoEagles, began preforming their first engine drop on the team’s vehicle. By the end of the night, the team was ecstatic to see what fit in their vehicle.

Check out the pictures below to watch the night’s progress:

ERAU_Embry-Riddle Begins Deconstruction!_NewESS_10 ERAU_Embry-Riddle Begins Deconstruction!_NewPwrtrain_9 ERAU_Embry-Riddle Begins Deconstruction!_OutAndProud_7 ERAU_Embry-Riddle Begins Deconstruction!_Tom_4 ERAU_Embry-Riddle Begins Deconstruction!_UnderBelly_3 ERAU_Embry-Riddle Begins Deconstruction!_BigSix_5 ERAU_Embry-Riddle Begins Deconstruction!_Bolts_2 ERAU_Embry-Riddle Begins Deconstruction!_HangingPwrtrain_8  ERAU_Embry-Riddle Begins Deconstruction!_NakedFatia_1