Embry-Riddle Engineers: My Role Models

By Embry-Riddle’s Baleigh Hyatt

I attend a technical university where the students are so passionate about their school work it tends to be a constant topic of conversation. Every day I sit in the student center with the chatter of centripetal force and aerodynamics surrounding me. As a communications graduate and current MBA student I usually keep away from the intimidating scientific lingo because quite frankly, I don’t understand a word of it.

At first, becoming the communications manager for Embry-Riddle’s EcoCAR 2 team was a little intimidating. Our green garage is full of fast-working engineers who ramble on about the CAD and selective catalytic reduction. To my surprise, however, the engineers love to share their passion for automobiles and hybrid technology with anyone willing to listen. I look up to all of the engineers on my university’s EcoCAR 2 team because of their passion for advanced vehicle technology and their drive and determination to have a successful end product.  Not only do my team’s engineers inspire me to work hard in the communications division of EcoCAR 2, but they also inspire me to seek out a specific field of work I feel just as passionate about.