Embry-Riddle Turns on their Ignition

The EcoEagles have been hard at work in their Green Garage in Daytona Beach, Florida. Whether they are working on the wiring on their energy storage system (ESS) or tinkering on their 2.4L E85 EcoTEC engine, this team has a real passion for what they do that shines through their newly running 2016 Camaro ESS!

In late March, the team realized their goal for a running vehicle before competition was about to become a reality. Having completed the commissioning process through the EcoCAR 3 organization and successfully completing the BOSCH commissioning over spring break, the team was ready to see their masterpiece run after gaining access to a closed course on Embry-Riddle’s campus (much thanks to Campus Safety). After a close inspection by the team leads, and the lead faculty advisor Dr. Patrick Currier, the team was given the green light to drive their vehicle into the future.

ERAU_Embry-Riddle Turns on the Ignition_Engine Bay_1

The dynamic testing was done using the electric components of the vehicle and the team is still currently working on finishing their engine integration to have a fully functioning car by final competition. After two years of hard work on a vehicle that the team only had access to for less than three months, the team felt nothing but warmth and accomplishment when seeing their Camaro drive safely around the course. With Tom Gorgia, the Engineering Manager, in the driver’s seat and Matthew Nelson, Controls Team Lead, riding in the passenger seat, the car was in the safest, most capable hands.

While many would assume that turning an iconic American vehicle, such as the Chevrolet Camaro, would be a mistake, the team believes they have strengthened and furthered the technology already engineered into this vehicle. Slated to have a 0-60 time of 4.9 seconds and an estimated base cost of $34,700, this vehicle is going to scream consumer acceptability. Furthermore, the consumer will have little to fear about their carbon footprint gaining a size anytime soon. Embry-Riddle’s Camaro ESS provides a steady 53 mpgge (miles per gallon gasoline equivalent) for when you’re running the kids to a soccer game or making a quick trip to the supermarket.