Engineering Women of the Future

Women from Arizona State University’s (ASU) EcoCAR 3 team had the opportunity to represent their team as they volunteered at the Girls Make-a-thon, hosted by the Ira A Fulton Schools of Engineering at ASU. The Girls Make-a-thon is an event that empowers the growth of young women in the engineering industry by giving them opportunities to network and interact with women studying or working in fields found within science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

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The women from EcoCAR 3 were able to meet with some future engineers from around the east valley and talk to them about what it means to be a woman in the engineering world. These young girls had the chance to ask questions and explore the different types of engineering programs happening at ASU’s Polytechnic campus. Women from the team were more than happy to share their experience on participating in an Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition like EcoCAR 3.

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This event even allowed these young girls to do some engineering of their own as they were challenged to move a ping pong ball by creating their own pulley system out of household materials! ASU EcoCAR 3 team members volunteered their time to work with girls in small groups and guide them through the processes of brainstorming, development, and implementation.

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Briana Del Bianco, Communications Manager of the ASU EcoCAR 3 team, shared her thoughts on the experience: “It was inspiring to see these young girls so enthralled and determined in developing the best pulley system. When I got to speak with some of them individually, I was even more impressed to hear that some of these girls chose the path of engineering years ago. I do not believe that I had any idea what I wanted to do when I was that age. These truly are the engineering women of the future and they were absolutely inspirational girls to work with! ”

The ASU EcoCAR 3 team wrapped up the Girls Make-a-thon with a group selfie of the engineering women of the future.

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