ERAU Completes Vehicle Testing at TRC

During the Year Two competition, the Embry-Riddle EcoCAR 3 Team received the TRC Testing Award. This sponsored award provides a round trip for the team vehicle and select students to the Transportation Research Center in East Liberty, Ohio. This award recognizes the team who best demonstrates readiness to begin vehicle testing and controls development for Year Three. The ERAU EcoCAR 3 team was able to excel in all 3 stages of the technical inspection and competed in both of the bonus events at the Year Two competition in Yuma.

ERAU team members Tom Gorgia, Matthew Nelson, Andre Napier and ERAU Industry Faculty Advisor, Dave Spitzer, were able to travel to TRC in Ohio this past weekend to complete their vehicle testing. The team was given the opportunity to use vehicle dynamometers with emissions testing capability and outdoor track testing facilities.

Gorgia said, “the emissions lab and dynamic testing facilities allow the Eco Super Sport to get the soul and passion a Camaro consumer expects to feel. TRC was so accommodating to our team and helped us to conduct the tests we needed to run to begin validating our VTS targets.”

The team ran their vehicle through a rigorous set of tests, worked with professionals at the facility and learned from their experiences and embraced their expert feedback.

“EcoCAR creates amazing opportunities for our young people to learn and grow, and this trip to TRC was no exception,” said Spitzer. “Testing is critical to success in EcoCAR Year 3 and we really got the most out of this opportunity.”

Check out some images of the ERAU Eco Super Sport at TRC below:

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