Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Get Involved

Become an EcoEagle

If you currently attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, FL, you have the opportunity to join the team. No matter one's major or interests, there is a place on the team for everyone. The EcoEagles are made up of students pursuing degrees in engineering, business, communications, aviation maintenance science, and commercial space operations. There are engineering students on the communications team wanting to strengthen their public speaking skills and aviation maintenance science students on the electrical team obtaining more hands-on experience with creating wiring harnesses. Contact Clare Maloney at malonej9@my.erau.edu for more information.

Become a Sponsor

Maybe you're not in college, yet you still want to help out the EcoEagles. This opens the door for different kinds of sponsorship. Sponsorships in the past have included physical hardware, computer software, or monetary donations. There are many different levels of sponsorship that will see your logo on the Chevrolet Camaro once it is received and possibly on some of our publications. Please contact Jared Nordman at nordmanj@my.erau.edu for sponsorship opportunities.

Become Informed

One of the main goals of the EcoEagles and the EcoCAR 3 competition is informing the public about alternative fuels, Advanced Vehicle Technology Competitions, and what an individual can do to lessen their carbon footprint by staying environmentally-conscious. This can be achieved by attending EcoEagles events, learning about these topics, and even purchasing a hybrid vehicle or taking public transportation. Please look towards the Upcoming Events page to see when and where you can become informed.