ETAS – The Brains of the UW EcoCAR

EcoCAR 3 Leadership level sponsor, ETAS, is recognized as a global thought leader in embedded software development, offering tools and engineering services around the implementation of the AUTOSAR software architecture, functional safety, real-time operating systems, and embedded security. The innovation and support ETAS provides the UW EcoCAR 3 team is fundamental to the success of the hybrid supervisory controller. ETAS’ experienced and talented engineers are an enormous asset to the the UW EcoCAR team.


The brains of the UW EcoCAR 3 PHEV Camaro resides in a “blue box”, the ES 910/930 controller system provided to the team by ETAS. The system serves as the team’s Hybrid Supervisory Controller, which monitors other components and modules and relays this information back to the vehicle’s team and operator. This controller has demonstrated superior functionality in spite of having a small form factor.

In addition to its seamless and rapid data transmission capabilities, the controller is the perfect tool for performing the component calibration tasks. The team has been able to use the controller for hardware in the loop simulation scenarios, component bench testing, and calibration activities in order to ensure the vehicle’s intended functionality. UW ETAS 2

ETAS engineers have been helpful in assisting the controls sub-team in fully understanding the capabilities and functionalities of the controller. Thus far, the team has achieved success in fully integrating the selected vehicle components with the controller. The UW team looks forward to optimizing their vehicle’s performance and efficiency with this controller in Year 4 of the competition. UW ETAS 1