Faculty Advisory Board Meets at CSU

Over the weekend, EcoCAR 3 organizers gathered at Colorado State University (CSU) in Fort Collins, Colorado for the Winter Faculty Advisory Board (FAB).


Jerry Ku, Wayne State University; Andrew Nix, West Virginia University, Doug Nelson, Virginia Tech, and Randy Follett, Mississippi State University are the faculty advisors that make up the Year Three FAB. The FAB met with EcoCAR 3 organizers to discuss details for the upcoming competition events. The FAB had the opportunity to provide feedback on areas of the EcoCAR 3 competition, including their perspective on the EcoCAR 3 activities.


“Meeting with the FAB to review competition events allows us to incorporate the perspective of the team into each event. This is an essential part of the event development process because it improves the quality of the events and gives the teams a voice of influence,” said EcoCAR 3 organizer, Jesse Alley. “The FAB really helps us feel out the ability of teams to execute the events and to be success in the events. This input allows our events to be strategically designed to challenge the teams in pertinent and relevant technical areas without being achievable.”

Prior to the meetings, members of the CSU EcoCAR 3 team were given the opportunity to meet one-on-one with the competition organizers to give updates on each member’s swimlane.

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Thank you to CSU for hosting the Year Three Winter FAB meeting! We look forward to seeing everyone at the upcoming Year Three Winter Workshop!