Faculty Advisory Board Meets for First Time in Year Three

Last week, EcoCAR 2 organizers from Argonne National Laboratory and General Motors came together to discuss the EcoCAR 2 program with the Year Three Faculty Advisory Board (FAB).

Hosted at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida, the FAB provided critical academic input on Year 3 changes and modifications, before the organizers begin implementing the changes this academic year.

The FAB consists of four EcoCAR faculty advisors who come from a mix of veteran and incoming teams involved in Advanced Vehicle Technology Competitions (AVTC), including Jerry Ku, Wayne State University; Shawn Midlam-Mohler, Ohio State University; Brian Fabien, University of Washington; and Doug Nelson, Virginia Tech.

“I feel so unbelievably rewarded by the experiences of my first FAB meeting attendance this past weekend,” said Wayne State Faculty Advisor Jerry Ku. “I’ve become even more impressed and appreciative by how much planning, preparation and forward-thinking that Argonne, DOE and GM organizers have been investing into making AVTC such a uniquely comprehensive hands-on multi-disciplinary program for educating the next generation leaders for the US automotive industry.”

The Fall FAB meeting covered a variety of topics, including the proposed changes to the Non-Year Specific Rules and the Year Three Event Rules, as well as the Fall Workshop and other major events scheduled this year. The FAB also briefly discussed new ideas and proposals for the next AVTC series, EcoCAR 3.

AVTC Director Kristen De La Rosa and General Motors’ Technical Lead Emeritus, Cindy Svestka, also met with Embry-Riddle’s President, Dr. John Johnson and Dean of Engineering, Dr. Maj Mirmirani, to discuss the EcoEagles’ plans for Year Three. Organizers also met with Dr. Patrick Currier, incoming

EcoEagles Faculty Advisor and team members about virtually all aspects of their Year Three activities.

The trip concluded with a tour of Embry-Riddle’s “Green Garage,” which hosts the EcoEagles team!

FAB Members and EcoCAR 2 organizers get an insider’s look at the EcoEagles garage in Daytona Beach, Florida

FAB Members and EcoCAR 2 organizers get an insider’s look at the EcoEagles garage in Daytona Beach, Florida

Thank you again to Embry-Riddle and the EcoEagles for hosting the FAB and EcoCAR 2 organizers during their time in Daytona!