First Semester Experiences From a Purdue Project Manager

Haley Moore Purdue’s EcoCAR 2 Project Manager, shares her experiences from first semester in the competition.

“The first semester of the EcoCAR 2 Challenge was fun and successful for the team. There was a lot of learning that went on at all levels. For me, the most challenging parts of the semester were keeping the team organized and leading the team while finishing the final semester of my undergraduate career. I was amazed at how many tasks were necessary to make the team successful. We had several meetings each week, sent out many emails and even met with people outside of the program.

I learned a great deal about becoming more organized, which will only help me as I continue with my studies and EcoCAR 2. I am fortunate to have a great Steering Committee and Faculty Committee that has helped the team become so successful. We will continue working hard this semester to achieve this year’s goal of completely simulating our car on computer software, which will make it easier to implement our architecture to the vehicle. I am looking forward to seeing what this semester has in store for the team!”