Freescale Technology Forum Is All About Connectivity

Brian Benoy, Argonne National Laboratory, with American Le Mans Series (ALMS) #25 car, which is driven by Freescale's own Henri Richard.

This week EcoCAR 2 organizers attended the Freescale Technology Forum in San Antonio, TX. The forum showcases Freescale-enabled technology from all over the world including electronics, automotive, home, and industrial applications. Many of these devices were on display in the impressive Freescale Technology Lab, including not only Freescale products, but also those of EcoCAR 2 bronze sponsor, QNX. It even contained a Make It Lab, where attendees had the opportunity to build and program a robotic car to race against student teams from all over the world in the Freescale Cup.

This year’s theme was centered around connectivity, an area in which the automotive sector has increasingly been playing a role for the past decade or more. EcoCAR 2 had the opportunity to attend many sessions, from market trends of smart grid enabled products to panel discussions on the benefits and challenges of In-Vehicle-Infotainment (IVI) and Vehicle-to-Grid/Vehicle/Cloud communication standards. These technologies, in which Freescale is a market leader, have a strong future in the automotive industry as the world becomes more connected through smart infrastructures and cloud computing.

During technical sessions, AVTC Controls and Simulation Engineer Brian Benoy and Freescale Field Application Engineer John Cotner delivered a lunch and learn presentation about Freescale and AVTC collaboration over the past 15 years.

We’d like to thank Freescale and all of their partners for putting on a great event at FTF 2012. Who knows, maybe students in future AVTCs might apply some of the emerging technologies we saw at FTF to their own vehicles!