Fulfillment from EcoCAR 2: An RHIT Sophomore’s Perspective

By The Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology’s Tashe’ Hughes

My interest in EcoCAR 2 began when a teacher’s assistant in my communications course recruited me for the program.  Initially, I was looking to be involved in more programs on campus that were relevant to my major.  EcoCAR 2 has changed my perspective on green vehicles.  I have become more knowledgeable about green vehicles over my stint as an outreach team member.

At a recent event, I was able to see a Chevrolet Volt in person and learned all that it offers (I want an electric car now!).  When learning more about EcoCAR 2 and the experience I could potentially gain, I become more intrigued. I believed joining EcoCAR 2’s outreach team would foster my personal development as well as professionalism in my future career.

EcoCAR 2 has assisted me developmentally by giving me the opportunity to apply strengths and practice them in an environment that offers opportunities for growth.  The team members I work with are knowledgeable, skilled professionals, and they have assisted in the development of my career as an intern. The team provides me with clarity and professionalism to accommodate my rudimentary understanding of technical information.  Thus far, EcoCAR 2 has given me the necessary tool to contribute to the overall goals of the program.  I look forward to continuing work with EcoCAR 2 in the near future!