Georgia Tech Hosts the Fall Faculty Advisory Board

Recently, competition organizers from Argonne National Laboratory and General Motors gathered at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia to discuss Year Two of the EcoCAR 3 program with the new Faculty Advisory Board (FAB). The FAB meets two times each year to have the opportunity to evaluate new deliverables or major changes to the program.

The FAB consists of four EcoCAR faculty advisors, Patrick Currier- Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Brian Fabien- University of Washington, Roydon Frasier- University of Waterloo, and National Science Foundation Outstanding Incoming Faculty Advisor Award recipient Andrew Nix from West Virginia University.

The FAB is responsible for providing academic feedback on EcoCAR 3 yearly goals and objectives, competition rules and events, workshops and training, and team deliverables. During the Fall FAB meeting, the members were able to offer input on the Year Two Event Rules, as well as examine the philosophy behind each aspect of EcoCAR 3. The FAB will meet again in January for the Winter FAB meeting.

Thank you to Georgia Tech for hosting the Fall FAB!