Georgia Tech's EcoCAR 3 Team is made up of nearly 60 engineers, from Mechanical to Electrical to Chemical and Biomolecular. These engineers along with three specializing faculty advisors and one communications manager will embark on an ambitious journey to transform a Chevrolet Camaro into an environmentally friendly, hybrid electric vehicle. Our organization is primarily student-led, and we plan to create the next generation of automotive engineers. Our goals are to increase fuel efficiency, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions while maintaining the performance and appeal of this iconic American vehicle.




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The Georgia Tech EcoCAR 3 team is always accepting new members across all sub-teams! We would love to welcome you as a team member or sponsor! If you're interested in getting involved with our team, please contact one our Team Managers to learn more! Greg Chipman, Project Manager gchipman3@gatech.edu Lee Sargent, Engineering Manager lee.sargent@gatech.edu Molly Jackson, Communications Manager molly.jackson@chbe.gatech.edu 770.826.9323

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575 14th St.
Atlanta, GA 30318

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