Our Plan

Georgia Tech's main objective is to convert the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro into a hybrid electric vehicle. Ultimately we will be using a smaller, more fuel efficient engine and adding an electric battery to the vehicle. By taking these steps, we will be able to reduce the negative impacts that our vehicle will have on the environment, and lower our vehicle's emissions. Over the span of four years, we will be taking the car apart and putting it back together with new eco-friendly features in order to accomplish our goal of having a fully functional Hybrid Electric Camaro. All while Rambling Wrecking the competition.

Technical goals

Our architecture design is a P3 plug-in hybrid vehicle, which means our motor is attached to the vehicle’s drive shaft between the transmission and the rear differential. The engine we're using is the LEA Ecotec Inline 4 engine. We will be using E85 fuel to improve our vehicle's emissions, and a Parker GVM210-150P motor for our P3 motor. This motor combines a high max power and torque of 106 kW and 257 Nm. The battery pack is an A123 battery that allows for nearly 20 miles of sole electric driving. This battery pack provides enough capacity for most consumers' daily commute while still being economically viable. This battery pack is combined with a Sevcon Gen 4-S8 inverter with a max output current of 360 A and a max supply voltage of 400 V based on the combined compatibility. We believe combining these elements in our 2016 Chevrolet Camaro will maintain the classic American muscle car look and feel, without harming the environment.