Girl Power on the Ohio State Team!

Since the “dawn of time”, it has been thought that engineering was a field only for men. It is difficult and challenging. It requires a lot of math and science. In the past, people didn’t ever think of women in engineering. However, in the past few decades, the United States has seen a drastic increase in the number of females interested in the field and the industry – especially at the OSU Center for Automotive Research and on student project teams like EcoCAR.

This year, the OSU team reached a milestone.

For the first time in the history of the Ohio State’s involvement in Advanced Vehicle Technology Competitions, girls outnumbered guys on the trip to Austin, Texas for the Year Two Winter WorkshopNot only that, but at this year’s workshop, the Ohio State EcoCAR 2 team was responsible for four presentation, and all of these presentations were given by women.

Amanda Hyde, one of the female presenters for the Ohio State team, presented her graduate research on the dynamic driveline model – which will be used for developing traction control and for drivability studies for the team’s 2013 Malibu. “It was awesome to have all female presenters,” Amanda said.

Another presentation given at Winter Workshop addressed modeling and simulation. All teams were asked to present on the overall status of the modeling and simulation activities for Year Two and give a demonstration of the software simulation in action. Representing the Ohio State team in this presentation was Katherine Bovee, co-team leader, and M.J. Yatsko, sub-team leader.

“At the controls presentation room, you kept seeing two males, two males, two males….So when we (two females) walked in to present… it was awesome,” M.J. Yatsko said.  “Being able to present, and to do it well, is the most reassuring thing for me. To know that I can do well and be respected as a female in a competition like EcoCAR, it makes me feel like I can do anything in the automotive industry.”