GM Mentor Sarah Vano Pays a Visit to the South

The Mississippi State team had a great time with their GM mentor, Sarah Vano, when she visited earlier this year. They gave Sarah no time to rest after her flight south, as team members began her visit with a quick dinner at the Center for Advanced Vehicular (CAVS) followed by a two-hour brainstorming session to discuss ideas for improving vehicle efficiency. The team covered mechanical and controls concepts, and Sarah provided some great insight that helped focus MSU’s work.

After a long day’s work, team members showed Sarah Starkville’s historic Cotton District, and left her with a gift that officially welcomes her into the Bulldog family – a cowbell, of course! The team looks forward to her next visit so they can continue learning from Sarah (and continue teaching her about the South as well!). More to come as Sarah makes additional trips to Starkville in Year Two.