GM to EcoCAR Students: Good Luck in Competition Year 2, we’ll see you in Boston at the Fall Workshop!

GM_General_MotorsIf you’ve been following the EcoCAR competition, then you know that starting Wednesday this week EcoCAR competitors will convene in Boston for the Fall Workshop to officially kick-off the second year of competition. We’re excited to spend this time in the Boston area, and we hope that by the end of the week, as the Cheers saying goes, “everyone will know our name!”

This is a really exciting time for the competition, because it’s the point when things really begin to heat up. The teams have made it through the design and modeling stage and, now that they are working with actual vehicles, they’re ready to “put the pedal to the metal” and accelerate zero to 60 – or, should we say, zero to “green” – in no time flat.

Here on the GM team, we’re excited to get this part of the competition started as well. The end of this year will culminate with the teams demonstrating and testing their vehicles at our new Desert Proving Ground in Yuma, Arizona, and we’re anxious to see what happens when the rubber really meets the road for these teams and their system designs.

So, from the team here at GM, we want to wish all of the competing universities the best of luck in this year of competition. We challenge you to bring your most innovative thinking to work with you in your “Green Garages” and we can’t wait to see the results!

Good Luck!

GM’s EcoCAR Team

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