GM’s Chevy Volt – Setting the Bar @ 230 MPG

Chevy Volt - Copyright General Motors 2009

Chevy Volt – Copyright General Motors 2009

230 miles per gallon in the city!

230 miles per gallon! Talk about a tough act to follow. The 17 EcoCAR teams certainly do have a “challenge” now; GM has raised the bar pretty high with yesterday’s Chevy Volt announcement. The Volt is an extended range electric vehicle, or EREV, and eight of the current EcoCAR teams are working on EREVs as well. The key for EcoCAR contestants is designing vehicles that can push boundaries, like GM is doing with the Chevy Volt, but we’re not focused on one technology. In addition to EREVs, teams are working on a full function electric vehicle (FFEV), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and fuel cell plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (FCPHEVs). No one knows which team – and which combination of technologies – will deliver the next breakthrough. You’ll just have to stay tuned to this blog to see which team (or teams) has the stuff to top the 230 mark. But, for today, let’s just congratulate our sponsor GM on an exciting step forward for automotive engineering.

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