Greetings From Virginia Tech

The Hybrid Electric Vehicle Team of Virginia Tech (HEVT) is looking forward to the EcoCAR competition in June.

As Year one comes to a close, HEVT is very busy preparing for the competition in Toronto. HEVT is currently focusing on the trade show display and the hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) deliverable. HEVT team members have already drafted trade show display options. At team meetings, HEVT collectively chose a specific layout.

In addition, HEVT has identified potential challenges that might arise as a result of shipping, or setting up the trade show display. To date, the chosen layout is being executed smoothly. One of the trade show display requirements is to have the layout be within 10’x10’. HEVT has developed a layout in which the HIL system will be the focal point. In addition, HEVT is working on developing posters to communicate the hybrid architecture and the team goals. Another competition requirement is that the shipping cart for all the materials cannot exceed 4’x8’x5’. HEVT accounted for these requirements in the trade show display layout. HEVT is working hard to prepare for the competition, and is very excited about Toronto!

Submitted by Stefanie Goodwin. Stefanie is a senior at Virginia Tech studying Mechanical Engineering, and she hopes to work in the automotive industry.

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