Happy Earth Day!

What are your plans for Earth Day? Will you plant a tree? Bike to work? Add a new recycling bin in your kitchen? AVTCs have a long tradition of going all-out to celebrate Earth Day, from on-campus green vehicle demonstrations to participation in Earth Day festivals. Just check out what our EcoCAR 2 teams did last year!

Today will be another gigantic Earth Day celebration for EcoCAR 2, and we’ll fill you in on our teams’ activities over the next few weeks. Be sure to stay tuned into the Green Garage Blog to find out how our student competitors use Earth Day as an inflection point to spread the word about eco-friendly vehicle technologies.

Want to get more involved in Earth Day? Check out the DOE’s Earth Day page to find out how you can get energy savings tips and even participate in a Google+ Hangout featuring energy thought leaders from across the country!