Happy Earth Day from the Mississippi State EcoCAR Team!

Like many of the EcoCAR teams, Mississippi State has been celebrating Earth Day all week! 

Yesterday, the team participated in an Earth Day bike tour on campus. Kicking off the ride, MSU team members gave a short presentation on the importance of hybrid technology and the work being done to their vehicle. The team’s EcoCAR then served as a safety vehicle, riding alongside the bikers. 

Today, team leader, Matthew Doude, is traveling to Forrest, Mississippi to participate in Raytheon Company’s Earth Day Education Fair. While Matthew is spending the day in Forrest, the rest of the team will be on campus for the MSU Earth Day Fair. At the event, several “green-minded” groups will set up booths to educate students and faculty on how to help make the world a greener place. To finish out the day, the MSU team will head to a local elementary school to educate the youth on the advantages of hybrids and going green.

The MSU team is excited about celebrating the 40th Earth Day and encourages you to do your part to help our environment!