Have No Fear – TRC is Here!

The U.S. Department Of Energy and General Motors have challenged 15 universities to transform a 2013 Chevrolet Malibu into a hybrid vehicle in the latest Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition, EcoCAR 2: Plugging In to the Future.

A vehicle that’s cutting edge, pushes the technology envelope and is … uh … built by college students? We know what you are thinking – “how can we be sure that it works?”

Well, have no fear – the Transportation Research Center (TRC) is here!

TRC, an EcoCAR 2 competition-level sponsor, is a 4,500 acre independent automotive proving ground in East Liberty, Ohio. TRC provides certification testing for vehicles and components for crash testing, emissions testing, dynamic testing and durability testing. To make sure their college-student-built vehicle is safe, Ohio State has been working with TRC to develop, prepare and test the reliability of Ohio State’s Parallel-Series Plug-In Hybrid Electric vehicle for the EcoCAR 2 competition.

But this isn’t the first time TRC and Ohio State have worked together. TRC has been collaborating with the Ohio State team for many years as a team sponsor, even before becoming a competition sponsor just this past year.

The Ohio State EcoCAR team, a multi-disciplinary group of engineering, business and communications students, is incredibly lucky to have such a collaborative relationship with TRC.

Watch the video below to see how TRC and Ohio State have worked together throughout the year to be successful at the EcoCAR 2 Year Three Competition!