HEVT at the Roanoke Technology Expo

When the Roanoke Technology Expo was held at the Roanoke Civic Center, the Hybrid Electric Vehicle Team (HEVT) and other Virginia Tech senior design project teams were in attendance. HEVT’s booth was stationed next to GM’s EV1 display from the Virginia Museum of Transportation. “It was really cool to see one of the first electric vehicles and realize how far we have come in the development of EVs,” said outreach coordinator Virginia Hyer.

The primary audience for the event consisted of area middle school students. The students took the field trips to the Expo and were particularly impressed with HEVT’s station. “They thought that the Chevy EcoCAR was awesome and couldn’t believe everything we told them about sustainable energy and hybrid vehicles,” said controls team member Chris Manning.

This event served as an outlet for HEVT to reach middle school students and their teachers. “Exposing younger students to advanced vehicle technologies early in their education raises awareness about the importance of the environment,” said CJ DerGurahian, a member of the mechanical subteam. “The Roanoke Technology Expo was another chance for HEVT to give back to the community by sharing what we have learned through designing a hybrid vehicle.

HEVT hopes that in attending these events they are able to spread knowledge about alternative vehicle technologies and alternative fuels. The team looks forward to returning to the Roanoke Civic Center in the fall for the Roanoke Green Living Expo.