HEVT Launches EcoDrive Campaign for the Month of April

BY: Sara Lepley

In celebration of Earth Week, HEVT is hosting EcoDrive, a month-long electronic donation drive in which people can drop off old cell phones, computers and other electronics for recycle and reuse.

EcoDrive lasts for the entire month of April. Those interested in donating can drop electronics into any of our “EcoDrive boxes,” which are placed in the following locations in downtown Blacksburg: In Balance Yoga, Gourmet Pantry, Lefty’s, Bollos, Burger King, Shesha, Mish-Mish, John’s Camera Corner, Eats, and Macados.EcoDrive - Earth Week graphic

To promote the campaign, HEVT held a booth at the Blacksburg Farmer’s Market on April 18. There, team members mingled with community members eager to learn about sustainability and the EcoCAR 3 competition.

“I wish sustainability was more of a focus. I’m an agriculture major so I see a lot of it, or lack there of,” said Suzanne Galbraith, a senior at Virginia Tech and a patron of the Blacksburg Farmer’s Market.

Galbraith was one of more than 250 people who signed HEVT’s sustainability pledge. The pledge stated “I pledge to consider the environment when making purchasing and lifestyle decisions and will try to improve the world around me by reducing my carbon footprint.”

We hope to reach 500 signatures by the end of April.

For more information, be sure to check out our Facebook page and Twitter.