How BOSCH Has Helped the University of Washington Meet Emissions Standards

Featuring more than 45 students from various majors and academic levels, the University of Washington EcoCAR 2 Team is working together to build a parallel through the road (PTTR) biodiesel electric hybrid.

The team thought long and hard about which type of fuel to choose for the EcoCAR 2 competition and decided on biodiesel during Year One. The team chose this fuel for its superior energy density and for the expanding importance of diesels in North America, but it also came with a big cost: emissions that are substantially worse than traditional gasoline.

However, with technology from a German multinational engineering and electronics company called BOSCH, the team has been able to meet and even exceed the competition’s emissions standards.

The “Denoxtronic Exhaust Gas Treatment” uses a series of chemical reactions in the exhaust stream to convert harmful mono-nitrogen oxides (NOx) into harmless water and nitrogen, virtually eliminating the drawbacks of the biodiesel fuel. Thanks to the sponsorship of BOSCH, the University of Washington team can live up to their “eco” name. Thanks BOSCH!

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