How EcoCAR 2 Changed One Colorado State Student’s Life

Below is a personal reflection written by the Colorado State Communications Manager Miles Rand about his experience during the Year Two Competition.

I have heard it said many times that the key to college is involvement, but I never really put much stock into that idea-that is until I got involved in the EcoCAR 2 team at Colorado State University.

Recently I had the good fortune to join my team on a two-week journey to Yuma, AZ and San Diego, CA for the Year Two competition. Before the team and I departed, I had already reached the conclusion that getting involved in this program was by far the best decision I made in college. This journey only solidified that belief. In addition to working with the best and brightest engineering, communications and business majors, this program afforded me the opportunity to see something amazing—the General Motors Desert Proving Grounds.

Miles and his ‘golden ticket’ for the Corvette ride

While spending a week at this facility, I got to watch my team accomplish some tremendous firsts and overcome amazing hardships. I also had the opportunity to take a ride in a 2013 Corvette during the Autocross event thanks to Dr. Tom Bradley! It was truly an amazing experience and one I will treasure for years to come. I also got the opportunity to connect with peers from other schools and EcoCAR 2 organizers over the two-week trip.

I am now able to look back on all the time, experiences, connections and knowledge I have gained from this program with fondness. I look forward to another year with the program before I graduate from Colorado State University in December 2013 and I want to thank EcoCAR 2 for allowing me the opportunity to participate in the Year Two Competition!