How GT Prepares for Success

At the Year Two Competition, Georgia Tech’s EcoCAR 3 team showed excellent preparation for both stages of the event: vehicle performance testing and presentations detailing their research conducted this semester. From their careful and tactful build of their 2016 Chevrolet Camaro to their execution of dynamic events in Yuma, AZ, the team exuded confidence in their final product for competition. Through several contributions on the team, their wiring harness construction on their vehicle led to a start of the vehicle on the first turn over of the ignition – definite bragging rights for this team. Through their successful integration of their entire powertrain, Georgia Tech was one of the teams to have a functioning vehicle at final competition.

Here are some shots of their engineers hard at work throughout the year:


Mechanical engineers installing motor components on the car


The mechanical team is hard at work water-jetting new components


Two of the GT engineers cutting a component of the drive shaft with a band saw


The electrical team busy crimping a lug for the Energy Storage System ( ESS )


GT team members always fill up the CAD room as they prepare and update parts


One of the GT chemical engineers proud of his ESS harness

EcoCAR3-DPG_Thursday_068The team is hard at work at the GM Desert Proving Grounds in Yuma, AZ

GTEcoCAR3_GTEcoCAR3GarageUpdate_TeamPicture_7The team graciously takes a moment to pause for a photo op

GTEcoCAR3_GTEcoCAR3GarageUpdate_VehicleTrack_FeatureImageGTEcoCAR3_GTEcoCAR3GarageUpdate_MoneyShot_8The team’s hard work paid off when they were able to see their vehicle up and running out on the track