How MathWorks is Accelerating Success for McMaster Engineering EcoCAR 3

EcoCAR 3 is the ultimate student vehicle technology competition, yet it is undoubtedly a marathon, not a sprint. Currently, 16 North American universities are taking up the EcoCAR 3 challenge; reengineering a Chevrolet Camaro for the 21st century by incorporating cutting-edge technologies to electrify an iconic American muscle car.

This year, the first of four competition years, places a great deal of emphasis on vehicle modeling and simulation to aid in the development of the ultimate energy-efficient, high-performance Camaro. McMaster Engineering EcoCAR 3 has been working to model these complex processes with MathWorks, a mathematical computing software company and sponsor of EcoCAR 3. MathWorks’ Simulink and Matlab programs allow our team to simulate hundreds of different hybrid vehicle designs in a virtual environment in order to select the best design for our high-performance, hybrid Camaro. Further support for the team comes from our MathWorks Mentor, Dr. Javier Gazzari. Through his lectures and technical guidance we are able to use the software to its greatest potential and meet the challenges of EcoCAR 3.

In this video, Systems Modelling and Simulation Team Leads Kamran Arshad and Joel Roeleveld highlight why our team is so fortunate to have the support of MathWorks.