How Would UW’s Team Leader Defeat Chuck Norris?

We encourage creativity at the Green Garage Blog and the University of Washington EcoCAR 2 team’s creative skills were on full display in this post: A great Q&A with Team Leader Trevor Fayer!

Please tell me a little about what you’re studying at UW and your role on the team.

I am a first year Masters student in Mechanical Engineering and Team Leader for the UWAVW EcoCAR 2 team.  With 40+ students from many different majors on the team, I try my best to foster an environment that lets everyone collaborate to meet our EcoCAR 2 goals. With topics ranging from finite element analysis of mounting components to teaching elementary school classes about advanced vehicle technologies, team members often lose sight of everything else that’s happening. It is my job to keep an eye on everything!

How did you hear about the EcoCAR 2 competition?

As I was building my senior design capstone project, I was introduced to the EcoCAR2 Request for Proposals (RFP) by the Chair of the ME department, Per Reinhall. The RFP required modeling several vehicles over a drive cycle. We used MATLAB and calculated fuel consumption from an energy standpoint in response. We also worked with University officials to write about the administrative sections, including an explanation of how our university would support and sustain our team if it was selected to participate. I wrote the RFP with Trevor Crain, and as a result we were selected as one of 16 schools out of almost 100 that applied form USA, Canada and Mexico.

Why did you choose to join the team?

I chose to join the team as soon as I saw the RFP.  EcoCAR2 sounded awesome!

What is your favorite aspect of the EcoCAR 2 competition?

I really like the advice industry experts give to our teams when we get stuck.  It feels like we are inventors but when we get stuck we can just call 1-800-help-me!

What are your post-graduation goals?

I want to colonize mars. I could be one of the engineers they choose for the first colonization trip.

How would you defeat Chuck Norris in a duel?

I would prevent him from being able to round-house kick by building a car so environmentally friendly that he doesn’t ever get out of it.  The car I build would also have a remote detonator that would blow him up.