The Hybrid Warriors Team up with Detroit Area Clean Cities Coalition for Odyssey Day

Byline: Courtney Zemke, Communications Manager for the Wayne State EcoCAR 3 team

You know you are a Michigander when you call a point on your right palm “home” and “up north” is only a few knuckles away. The Wayne State University (WSU) EcoCAR 3 team took advantage of this commonality at their Odyssey Day event last month.

Odyssey Day is a biennial event sponsored by the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) to promote cleaner choices in energy transportation. The WSU team worked alongside the Detroit Area Clean Cities Coalition (DACC) and local alternative fuel vehicle (AFV) organizations to educate the school’s students, faculty and administrators about AFVs by tracing their vehicle emissions on a map of Michigan.  The map got darker as over 50 people traced their routes, illustrating the carbon footprint Michiganders are leaving on their mitten.

Meet the WSU team and the organizations that came together to create a successful Odyssey Day event in the video below.