An Inside Look of HEVT

For 20 years, the Hybrid Electric Vehicle Team of Virginia Tech (HEVT) has competed in Advanced Vehicle Technology Competitions (AVTCs). This year HEVT is competing in the latest AVTC, EcoCAR 3, a North American collegiate competition sponsored by General Motors and the U.S. Department of Energy.

EcoCAR 3 is a one of a kind competition that challenges 16 universities to reengineer a Chevrolet Camaro to make it more fuel efficient while maintaining the safety, performance and customer acceptability of the vehicle. A key aspect of EcoCAR 3 is to also preserve the heritage of the Camaro that consumers have grown to cherish.

By participating in EcoCAR 3, HEVT challenges its members to create cost-effective and innovative solutions to sustainable transportation issues by applying their knowledge, creativity and progressive mind set.

HEVT contributes its success in AVTCs in part to their faculty advisor of 20 years, Dr. Doug Nelson. “His continued involvement in AVTCs provides us with the knowledge we need about hybrid vehicles,” said Lucas Shoults, engineering manager for HEVT. “His main contribution is he understands that this competition is not solely about winning, it’s about educating the students involved.”

This brief video, produced to imitate an episode of 60 Minutes, gives an inside look of HEVT and the competition.