Introducing the EcoCAR 2 Technical Steering Committee

EcoCAR 2 would like to introduce its Technical Steering Committee (TSC), comprised of industry professionals and key organizers from General Motors, the U.S. Department of Energy, Natural Resources Canada and Argonne National Laboratory. The TSC coordinates  EcoCAR 2: Plugging In to the Future and serves as vital support throughout the three-year competition. Responsibilities include organizing workshops and competitions, writing and enforcing competition rules and regulations, and guiding teams through a successful vehicle development process.

TSC members are teams’ direct contact through each of their organizations and help students find subject matter experts based on their needs. The majority of the members are also competition graduates and previous team or sub-team leaders at their universities.  Team members include:

Argonne National Laboratory

  • Kristen De La Rosa – AVTC Director
  • Nicole Lambiase – AVTC Mechanical Engineer
  • Brian Benoy – AVTC Controls & Simulation Engineer
  • Patrick Walsh – Advanced Vehicle Testing and Controls Engineer
  • Kimberly DeClark – AVTC Communications and Logistics Manager
  • Dana Bubonovich – AVTC Communications and Logistics Coordinator

General Motors

  • Steven Gurski – Algorithm Design Engineer / GM Powertrain Technical Lead
  • Dan Mehr – Energy Storage Integration Engineer / GM Vehicle Technical Lead

U.S. Department of Energy

  • Steven Boyd – Technology Development Manager for the U.S. Vehicle Technologies Program

Natural Resources Canada

  • Nikolas Ekstrom – Research Officer / Canadian Technical Lead

Contact information for the TSC is available to team members on the EcoCAR 2 Sharepoint site. The TSC is thrilled to get started as the EcoCAR 2 competition begins with the Year One Kickoff Workshop!