Introducing the Team Tennessee Graduate Research Assistants

Matt Bush and Michael Potts are the team leaders and Graduate Research Assistants (GRAs) for the University of Tennessee EcoCAR 2 team. Both have unique success stories because of their involvement with the EcoCAR 2 competition. The pair began working on the car for their senior design projects, but became so interested in the technologies, that they decided to stick around for another year. This gave them the opportunity to lead the team to several vehicle improvements while pursuing their master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering.

Matt, better known as “Bush” leads the Mechanical Team and continued his studies of systems and controls throughout year three of the competition. Because of the networking opportunities provided by EcoCAR 2, he landed a job working in engine calibration at General Motors, where he will start in Milford, Michigan in July.

Michael, also better known as “Potts” leads the Controls Team and focused his higher degree on systems and controls, as the competition helped him discover his interest for this area of study. Next year, Potts will work towards his PhD in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on controls. This will allow him to lead Team Tennessee’s Controls Team as it continues its legacy of participation in Advanced Vehicle Technology Competitions in EcoCAR 3.