Introducing the Year Three Event Captains!

During each competition year, there are numerous volunteers that provide their subject matter expertise to manage and execute the competition events. These Event Captains donate countless hours behind the scenes to make EcoCAR a success, yet they are some of the least known organizers in the competition.  Many of the Event Captains bring decades of automotive experience from their technical area to the competition. Drawing from their experience and knowledge, the Event Captains have been able to elevate the EcoCAR competition events and have helped EcoCAR establish itself as the premier training ground for automotive engineers in North America. We’d like to introduce this year’s Event Captains below!

AVL Drive Quality

Roger Madsen, Global Drive Quality Technical Specialist, GM (left) & Phil Marson, Technical Specialist – Objective Drive Quality, GM (right)

AVL Drive


Mike Neal, Vehicle Performance Owner – Handling Performance, GM (left) & Jesse Alley, AVTC Systems Engineer, ANL (right)


Dynamic Consumer Acceptability

Tim Bohn, Noise and Vibration Engineer, GM (left), Doug Moore, Noise & Vibration Engineer, GM (center) & Michael LeDuc, Production Development Engineer, GM (right)

Dynamic Consumer

Emissions & Energy Consumption

Jim Tulpa, Manager, Milford Operations Test Support and Engineering, GM (left) & Patrick Walsh, Advanced Vehicle Testing and Controls Engineer, ANL (right)

Emissions & Energy


Jim Lasecki, Staff Project Engineer, GM (left) & Rodger Outland, MPG Trailer Dynamometer Operations, GM (right)


On-Road Safety Evaluation & Maximum Lateral Acceleration

Kyle Holihan, Controls Design, Test & Development Engineer, GM (left) & Ralph Brazel, Traffic Safety Supervisor, GM (right)

On-Road Safety

Business Presentation

Cindy Svestka, Engineering Group Manager – Gas Engine Diagnostics & Evap, GM (left) & Nicole Lambiase, AVTC Program Specialist, ANL (right)


Communications/Outreach Presentation

Kimberly DeClark, AVTC Communications and Logistics Manager, ANL (left) & Lynda Palombo, Senior Manager, Business Strategy – Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Transportation Energy, Natural Resources Canada (right)


Control Strategy

Tom Ender, Engineering Group Manager – Chassis Controls and Onboard Diagnostics (OBD), GM



David Spytek, Development Engineer – Electrification Electronics, GM



Ed Argalas, Engineering Specialist – Deceleration, Stability & Traction, GM


Static Consumer Acceptability

Al Houtman, Vehicle Performance Manager – FWD Hybrid and Electric Vehicles, GM

Static Consumer

Vehicle Testing Complete

Tim Campbell, Advanced Program Engineering Manager, GM

Vehicle Testing Complete