Jason Kim Reflects on His Experience with the Georgia Tech EcoCAR 3 Team

In order to become a strong team, a team must have a solid foundation that is deeply rooted in each member.JunghunJasonKim_Pic (00000002) With this in mind, the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) electrical team has been training hard and sharing creative ideas since the launch of EcoCAR 3.

The Georgia Tech electrical team consists of bright students ecstatically fulfilling deliverables with the members’ desires to apply engineering principles to the real world.  

Georgia Tech’s electrical team is comprised of three major sub-teams: battery, motor-generator and high voltage subteams. Each subteam worked closely with the corresponding sub-teams from controls team. For this reason, electrical and controls teams have been having weekly meetings, as well as weekly meetings for each subteam to provide more time to work with teammates.

As for Jason’s experience with EcoCAR 3, he says, “My favorite part about EcoCAR 3 is the fact that it provides me the chance to work on a real-life project, which is something you cannot grasp from the classroom lectures. EcoCAR has given me a chance to apply the learning from the classroom and cooperate with students from other majors. Simply put, this experience rekindled my passion to become a great engineer.”

Since the beginning of the EcoCAR 3 competition, the team has focused on the idea of knowledge sharing, which Jason believes has contributed much to the team’s success. The electrical team successfully completed extra help sessions in order to familiarize the team with programs such as MathWork’s Simulink and ETAS. The team will continuously practice using Simulink to simulate battery components as well as motor-generator components inside the vehicle.

Jason feels that the team is prepared to face whatever difficulties they may encounter in the future because the team spirit of enjoyment sparks within every member.

As for his future in the automotive industry, Jason says,” I would really like to pursue my career in the field of electric or hybrid vehicle industry. Without a doubt, EcoCAR 3 really helped me to grasp the overall engineering aspect behind the hybrid vehicles. Possibly after getting a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, I hope to get really involved in the hybrid automotive industry.” When he is not dedicating his time to school work and EcoCAR 3, Jason enjoys playing all sports, as well as musical instruments. “Ever since I was in middle school, I participated in sport teams as well as the orchestra ensemble. I guess these two hobbies really helped me relieve stress and learn how to work as a team,” He says.