Kicking Off the 2012 EcoCAR Competition with Welcome Night

The 2012 Year One EcoCAR 2 Competition has officially begun! More than 350 students and competition sponsors have arrived in Los Angeles, California, to begin the first year of the three-year series.

Friday marked an eventful day of unpacking Trade Show displays and Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) systems for teams. These intricate displays and systems are the core of this year’s competition, representing the culmination of more than a year of work from the 15 participating teams. On Saturday and Sunday, teams will have the opportunity to present their Trade Show and HIL presentations to a panel of senior industry and government judges.

After spending the majority of Friday unpacking and building their displays, students enjoyed a “Welcome Night” at Level 3 in Hollywood! After kicking things off with brief introductions, the competition organizers thanked each General Motors mentor with a special gift for their dedication and support over the last year. Students also enjoyed a special presentation from the California Air Resources Board.

To blow off a little steam, each team was asked to prepare a skit video to view at Welcome Night. This year, teams had a chance to submit a two minute ‘entertainment themed’ video. After viewing all 15 team videos, as well as an organizer and dSPACE Mentor video, Ohio State claimed the “Best Skit Video,” earning $350! The University of Victoria and the University of Washington came in a close 2nd and 3rd place and won $250 and $150 respectively.

Competition organizers also announced a few pre-competition deliverable winners during the evening, including:

In the end, EcoCAR Director, Kristen De La Rosa announced the current top six standings for pre-competition deliverables. Teams have had a chance to earn 433 out of 1000 points going into competition. Here are the current standings:

  • 6th Place – University of  Tennessee, Knoxville 358.73
  • 5th Place – University of Washington 360.79
  • 4th Place  – Mississippi State 400.40
  • 3rd Place  – Ohio State 401.49
  • 2nd Place  –  Virginia Tech 403.88
  • 1st Place- University of Waterloo 407.80

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