Kickoff Workshop MathWorks Training Preview

MathWorks will begin the Kickoff Workshop with training sessions for students and advisors for EcoCAR 2: Plugging In to the Future. Training will include a series of courses with different areas of focus to help students meet the challenges of the competition; trading off and optimizing vehicle performance, fuel economy, and emissions, choosing hardware design, and meeting control design parameters. Below are some of the training sessions students will attend.

  • Simulink for System and Algorithm Modeling – This course is for engineers who are new to system and algorithm modeling and design validation in Simulink.  It demonstrates how to apply basic modeling techniques and tools to develop Simulink block diagrams.
  • Stateflow for Logic Driven System Modeling – This course covers the use of Stateflow in implementing complex decision flows and finite-state machines. It is designed for Simulink users who wish to model and simulate event-driven and logic systems. It focuses on how to employ flow graphs, state machines, and truth tables in Simulink designs.
  • Stateflow for Automotive Applications – Using Events in State Charts – This training session focuses on how to use events within a Stateflow chart to affect chart execution. This includes using events in state charts, how to broadcast events, the behavior of state charts that contain events, and temporal logic operators.
  • Design Optimization for Performance, Fuel Economy, and Emissions – In this course, students will learn about tangible examples of subsystem and system-level numerical optimization problems and solutions that will be presented in the areas of hardware parameter design, control parameter design, and plant model parameter fitting for the purpose of illustrating the use of existing MathWorks optimization tools to meet the goals of the competition.

Invited students and faculty advisors are allowed to participate in these sessions at the Kickoff Workshop, hosted at Wayne State University and sponsored by MathWorks.