Larry Johnson Given Highest Argonne Honor, Named a Distinguished Fellow

A big congratulations goes out to Larry Johnson, director of the transportation technology research and development center at Argonne National Laboratory who was recently named an Argonne Distinguished Fellow.

Image: Larry Johnson – Argonne National Laboratory 2012

The Laboratory, which is part of The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), invited Johnson along with just four other scientists to join the ranks as Distinguished Fellows. This honor is the laboratory’s highest scientific and engineering rank and comparable to an endowed chair at a top ranked university.

Johnson was honored for his commitment to outstanding scientific and engineering research and for displaying exceptional technical leadership of major, complex, high-priority projects.

A long-time supporter of AVTCs, Johnson has been a technical judge at several competitions and someone whom we have come to respect and admire tremendously.

Johnson has been with Argonne, one of the DOE’s largest national laboratories for scientific and engineering research, for over three decades.  He has been with the program as it grew from merely five people to a more than a $80 million company, playing a key role in helping to solve the nation’s most important challenges in energy, the environment and national security.

The incredible work Johnson has done for Argonne over the past three decades is nearly impossible to summarize.  Johnson has added major facilities including the Advanced Powertrain Research Facility, the transportation beamline in the Advanced Photon Source and the Transportation Research and Analysis Computing Center (a supercomputer supporting the U.S. Department of Transportation). He also played a huge role in increasing Argonne’s international collaboration.

Johnson has more than 30 years of transportation research experience and is the author or co-author of more than 100 publications or presentations in journals, books, technical reports and activities and conference proceedings.

Way to go Larry, we couldn’t be happier for you!