Learn More About EcoCAR 3’s Contributor Sponsors

Sponsors provide the hardware, software, training, and support the teams need to integrate technologies into their competition vehicles.

This arrangement gives students access to components and systems that might otherwise be unavailable or too expensive for them to use. Sponsors are able to promote their technologies and observe how they perform during rigorous and innovative use. Sponsors have the opportunity to meet, work with, and recruit hundreds of the nation’s most motivated and talented engineering students. Sponsors also gain international media coverage and develop partnerships with government, industry, and academia.

New Eagle

New-Eagle-Logo-Decal---EcoCAR2---CopyLocated in Ann Arbor, Michigan, New Eagle offers controls system solutions including tools, products, and services. Founded in 2000, the New Eagle team has its roots in New Eagle Software, the developer of RapidHawk, the forerunner of MotoHawk owned by Woodward, Inc. Today, New Eagle is the distributor and integrator of Mechatronic Controls, including MotoHawk enabled products using the Talon model-based development process. New Eagle has sales and engineering offices in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and a world-wide network of service and product suppliers. Their markets served include clean energy, powertrain and emissions, vehicle controls integration, electric and hybrid electric vehicles, electronics, and unmanned systems. EcoCAR 3 teams will receive much needed hardware for their data acquisition systems from New Eagle. The company will also provide electrical and control engineers for safety/technical inspections and team mentoring. Connect with New Eagle on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube!

Vector CANtech, Inc.

Vector_Logo_black_red_RGBVector CANtech, Inc, located in Novi, Michigan, was established in 1997 as a wholly owned North American subsidiary of Vector Informatik GmbH. Vector is the leading provider of software tools, embedded software components, and services to OEMs, their suppliers, and various other industries. Vector tools equip engineers with the finest capabilities for design, diagnostics, calibration, and testing of distributed networking systems. Parent company Vector Informatik GmbH was founded in 1988 and currently employs over 900 people together with Vector Consulting GmbH. In addition to its headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, Vector also has an international presence with subsidiaries in the U.S., Japan, France, United Kingdom, Sweden, and the Republic of Korea. Vector is proud to sponsor EcoCAR: The NeXt Challenge and programs that benefit universities and future engineers. For over 10 years, Vector has been committed to providing students and faculty access to its premium in-vehicle networking tools: CANoe, CANalyzer, and CANape. To learn more about the Vector story, please visit www.vector.com.


Delphi_website logoDelphi is a leading global supplier of technologies for the automotive and commercial vehicle markets. Headquartered in Gillingham, England, Delphi operates major technical centers, manufacturing sites and customer support services in 32 countries, with regional headquarters in Bascharage, Luxembourg; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Shanghai, China and Troy, Michigan, U.S. Delphi delivers innovation for the real world with technologies that make cars and trucks safer as well as more powerful, efficient and connected. Social responsibility is not an initiative at Delphi. It is at the heart of all we do. It comes to life in our designs, technologies and products, and in how we operate our facilities. It comes to life in how we make our communities better places to live and Delphi a better place to work. It comes to life in our expectations of the people who work at Delphi and who work with us. Because social responsibility touches all we do, we tell its story across three critical areas: People, Product and Planet. But as you will see, these three areas intersect as we strive to make the world a better place. For more information about Delphi, visit www.delphi.com/.


EM_logo_tag_rgb_hiThe team at EcoMotors (EM) is driven by big ideas and energized by the rare opportunity to make a giant difference. EM offers a solution to a pressing problem; how to generate more power with less fuel. We are redefining how the world is powered by challenging conventions about the size and efficiency of the internal combustion engine. EM’s patented opposed-piston opposed-cylinder (opoc™) architecture is unique in that it is significantly smaller and lighter than conventional engines, is highly fuel efficient, operates cleanly with the fuels and fueling infrastructure already in place, and can be applied to a broad range of vehicles and machines. The EM opoc™ enables endless potential for innovation by Original Equipment Manufacturers, giving them the opportunity to create value and to make meaningful, lasting changes that benefit the world. Learn more about EcoMotors at www.ecomotors.com/.

Electric Power Research Institute, Inc

epri-logoThe Electric Power Research Institute, Inc. conducts research, development and demonstration (RD&D) relating to the generation, delivery and use of electricity for the benefit of the public. An independent, nonprofit organization, we bring together scientists and engineers as well as experts from academia and the industry to help address challenges in electricity. Our work spans nearly every area of electricity generation, delivery and use, management and environmental responsibility. We provide both short- and long-term solutions in these research areas for the electricity industry, its customers and society. For more information, visit www.epri.com.

A123 Systems, LLC

A123-logo-white-bkgdA123 Systems, LLC develops and manufactures advanced lithium ion batteries and energy storage systems for the transportation and commercial markets. The company was founded in 2001 based on novel nanoscale technology initially developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology which resulted in A123’s high-performance Nanophosphate (LFP) lithium-ion battery technology. It delivers superior delivers power and energy density combined with excellent safety performance and extensive life cycling. After being acquired by Wanxiang America in 2013, A123 has expanded its portfolio of lithium ion based chemistries including NMC, NCA and LTO which allows a specific chemistry to be matched to a customer’s application. A123 is a multinational company with more than 2,500 employees serving customers around the world. Learn more at www.a123systems.com/.