Local High School Students Visit MEE3T

Written By: Vanessa Raponi – Business Manager

Recently, three local high schools brought 40 Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus students to the McMaster Automotive Resource Centre where the McMaster Engineering EcoCAR 3 Team (MEE3T) operates. The 12th grade students were greeted by Nicholas Chu, a Bachelor of Technology student who is a dedicated member of both our Communications Team and our Safety Team.

MAC_AP Calc Visit_Image_#1

Nicholas walked the students through the fundamentals of the team: what our goals are, what we do, why we do it, etc. The students were very engaged and asked a lot of great questions!


After the presentation, everyone moved to the shop to see our 2016 Chevrolet Camaro up in the lift.

MAC_AP Calc Visit_Image_#3

Our Engineering Manager – Tyler Stiene – explained some technical details of what the students were viewing. We were very thankful to have one of our veterans interacting with the students!

MAC_AP Calc Visit_Image_#4

Next, everyone moved into our lab space. Here, they were able to see the simulator, and Tyler took them through the importance of simulation before fabrication. They also had the chance to see a few team members – Jack Ziemba and Megan Wood – working away on some coding for our ADAS device.


All in all, the teachers, students and the team had a great time giving the tour! We love engaging the local youth, and look forward to continuing to engage them for many years to come.

MAC_AP Calc Visit_Image_#6