MathWorks and the University of Waterloo: A True Collaboration

BY: Mathuri Mayakrishnan

As an EcoCAR 3 Competition level sponsor, MathWorks donated MATLAB and Simulink software for modeling, simulation, and controls activities. Using this software in Year One of the competition, the University of Waterloo Alternative Fuels Team (UWAFT) is able to simulate the vehicle’s performance virtually, allowing the team to better understand how a vehicle will behave once constructed. 

UWAFT had the pleasure of hosting Javier Gazzarri, Senior Application Engineer at MathWorks, on a cold morning in February. Javier enjoyed seeing the campus, touring the team’s work spaces, and told UWAFT that he wished he was still a student so he could participate in competitions like EcoCAR 3! The best UWAFT could do was offer him an honorary membership as a mentor. He was excited that MathWorks could help encourage education, while also enabling students to later enter the workforce with more hands-on experience with relevant technologies.  

With the generosity and support of MathWorks as UWAFT’s EcoCAR 3 Year One sponsor, UWAFT can continue to champion the three fundamental principles we stand for: education, technology, and innovation.  

UWAFT is extremely thankful for MathWorks and Javier’s contribution to the competition and the team! 

Check out the video below to learn more.